Keturah's Korner

Keturah's Korner

The Mechanic

There are many tools in My Korner! One of them is being A Mechanic, which is Administrative Management.  Why is Administrative Management important you ask?! It’s simple, I fix problems from the inside out by providing frontline administrative work and troubleshooting.

The Plug

The Plug is when I  connect individual entities needing services.  Relationship and networks are important! Better yet, do you have content, but need someone to either polish it up for you or make it a presentation? Allow me to plug you with the organization(s) you need to take your businesses to the next level!

The Tourniquet

This is probably my favorite tool! Simply because I wanted to be a nurse when I was a kid.  I enjoy stopping the bleeding and provide care for established or brand new organizations by implementing policies and procedures to prevent any further “bleeding.”  


Kakes by Keturah

Growing up, my grandmother always told me to keep my hands busy. That translated into me going into the kitchen and cooking and baking! I make the kind of cakes your grandmother made. Take a look and order a Kake, or two!


My grandmothers and great aunt were the town seamstress. Well, COVID-19 has caused me to become a "CoronaPreneur". I've been afforded the opportunity to open a business with family and we make masks! SpeedyMasks, they're for your face!

Koach Keturah

One thing I love is specifically! I enjoy learning and sharing knowledge. I've developed a packet of information related to technology or media for churches. Additionally, I teach computers - Microsoft Office, Resume's, etc.